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A gym owner himself, Antonio and his wife know the exact pain-point’s, and needs, that every gym owner has.

The biggest pain point in growing Antonio’s gym was the clunky and inefficient software that was available. Tracking leads and managing current clients was complicated, expensive, and completely inefficient.

Antonio asked other gym owners about the available software solutions they were using and the consensus was plain. There was NO full solution. Multiple software systems, a dozen different spreadsheets, horrible lead tracking, no built-in communication programs, and all the programs Antonio researched were using technology that was 15 years old! The current solutions were inefficient and slow.

Luckily, Antonio had just the background to make a solution possible. With nearly 20 years of experience in software design and large-scale enterprise systems at companies such as Intel, Antonio knew exactly where and how to begin. With his own gym as a perfect test trial, Antonio began to build the foundations of a fitness management software platform that would not only manage his current members, but make growing his gym so much easier. Antonio intimately knew the pain points that gym owners go through on a daily basis and used that frustration as fuel to make a better solution.

Fit Pro Tracker was born. What started as a software platform to help Antonio grow his own gym has become one of the fastest growing fitness management software in the industry. Fit Pro Tracker is committed to creating the best all-in-one fitness management software solution on the market and growing a stronger and more connected fitness community.

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