Fit Pro Tracker

ONE software system for more efficient contact relationship management to grow your gym!

CRM and Billing System Created By
Gym Owners FOR Gym Owners

Fit Pro Tracker is your one-stop-shop for managing contacts, products, and billing at your gym! Instead of the chaos of keeping track of multiple systems, you can now use ONE system for your gym’s most important communication, billing, and marketing needs.

SMS Communication

Texting with your clients is so important in today's world! Communicate to your leads and members through two-way texting, right from our system. Automate texts to be sent based on contact status (lead, member, etc) and other actions (scheduled a session, joined the gym, etc).

Email Communication

Email communication can be intimidating and bulky. You need intuitive and easy communication! In our fitness software, you can create and automate email campaigns that are sent out to entire, segmented, groups of contacts. Communicating with ALL your contacts is as easy as a click of a button and can be scheduled for a future date. Personalize emails based on lead assignment so that they are getting communication from the staff member of your choice! One-to-one email communication is always an option as well.

Automated Campaigns

Automated campaigns gives you the option to automate your communication with various touch points, from multiple channels (SMS, emails, and follow-up tasks, etc). You can schedule your communication so that you can follow-up with your leads on the back-end, while building relationships in person on the front-end. You don't even need to be in front of the computer when messages are sent.

Batch Communication

In addition to one-to-one communication, you can send SMS, emails, or even automated campaigns to multiple contacts with a click of a button. Our batch feature will save you time and engergy because you can send your communication to multpile people at once, even though it's still individualized to that recipient.

Task Management

Do you have leads that get lost in the mix? Or do you have a hard time knowing what your team is doing, when? In Fit Pro Tracker, you can schedule reminders and easily track follow-up communication. You can assign tasks to team members to make it easier for your entire team to know who is doing what, and when task are completed!

Custom Phone Number

You will automatically receive 1 phone number you can use for your texting from Fit Pro Tracker. This number can be forwarded to your front desk number or mobile number as another line of communication tochannel your contacts back to your team So you never miss a conversation opportunity again. Do you want more phone numbers for various team members? No problem! Let us know, and we can share the costs of adding additional phone numbers to your account.

Progress and Testimonial Forms

Do you want an easy way to help your clients track their progress and provide client testimonials? We have it! You can create and send forms with our system so that you can keep track of your amazing client stories.

Referral Management

Do you reward your clients for referring other people? As we know, in the fitness industry, referrals are a driving force for any gym. With our software, you have the ability to track who has been referred and who referred them. This feature creates options for landing pages that can automatically put referrals in follow-up campaigns for automated communication.

Custom Client Portals

Custom portals create a new avenue to communicate with and retain your clients. Two-way direct messaging in your client portal is another line of communication in our software. These portals also provide the option for you to host your resources (pdfs, videos, etc) in your own Resource Vault.

Integrations for our CRM and Billing Platform

We currently have integrations for ClickFunnels, Facebook Lead Ads, Calendly, Sly Broadcast, Forms, Checkout Pages, Referral management, MyZone, InBody, Stripe, and MindBody. This list is growing rapidly to make it easier than ever to plug in your resources that work for your team!

Billing Platform

Do you have a CRM and a separate billing system? Most gyms do! Our billing system is intuitive and easy to use. From POS, booking and scheduling sessions, to ensuring payments and statements are scheduled and on time, our system was created from direct feedback of 40+ gym owners! This system is specifc for your needs, and you can ask our team if this option is currently available for you.

Checkout Pages

With access to our billing system, you can easily create checkout pages that are tied to your programs, products, memberships, and marketing efforts! Our Checkout Pages feature collects contact information, payment information, and creates a profile in our CRM, all in one step. This gives you the ability to set logic so that your contacts can atomatically go into an automated follow-up campaign of your choice.

Client Booking Application

With our client booking app, your clients will have a seamless experience to find and book sessions. Our app can be branded for franchisors or fitness studios, and it can be downloaded from the app stores. This app gives your clients a way to stay connected with your gym/studio and engage their membership to see optimal fitness.