3 Simple Tips To Hiring A Rockstar Staff

3 Simple Tips To Hiring A Rockstar Staff

Your staff is the lifeblood of your business.

I have witnessed gyms crumble and thrive depending on the people in charge. Owners can only do so much before they feel like they are hardly keeping their head above water.

Owner bears the burden and pressure of every position in the business when starting up. They have to be the trainer/instructor, manager, janitor, bookkeeper, etc… This lifestyle is rigorous and challenging to keep up without getting burnt out.

At a point in time a staff member will need to be hired to help grow the gym/studio


We highly recommend using the LAG approach when hiring potential employees. It is an acronym that will help you filter out the bad applicants.

L- Love It
Do they love what they are being hired to do?

A- Able
Are they able or have the ability to do what you need them to do?

G- Get It
Do they understand and have the knowledge to do it better than you?

Remember successful gyms/studios have incredible staff that work together on a daily basis as a team.


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