Common Mistakes While  Following Up With Leads

Common Mistakes While  Following Up

We have witnessed gym’s door close and new ones open this year.  The sales follow up process is vital for gyms to keep the doors open. 

Common Mistakes

  1. Waiting to follow up: Some gyms are not responding to new leads for over 24 hours. The likelihood of a lead signing up goes down dramatically after 12-24 hours.
  2. Excel Sheets: Gyms are keeping track of each lead on a spreadsheet. This works great when you first open but what happens when you have 200-400 leads. It’s important to keep track of each lead source and where the leads are in the follow up process.
  3. Giving Up To Early: Your leads are not dead until they tell you to stop contacting them. Click here to learn about the “5×2 Follow Up”

Don’t make the common mistakes that some gyms are making. Stop wasting time and start letting you systems do the work for you. 





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