How High Performing Is Your Gym?🚨Follow up Scorecard🚨

How High Performing Is Your Gym- Lead Follow Up Scorecard

Do you have a high performing system for leads and sales?

I was helping a gym owner that was opening its doors for the first time. The owner had 2 jobs and had zero experience with sales and handling leads. While helping them get processes set up, the new owner informed  me that they had some things set up for new leads. Being impressed, I dug a little digger into that statement.

I asked…. “Oh yeah, I would love to hear what you are doing”

The owner informed me that they were going to send out one SMS (text) when a lead comes through the zapier integration and then maybe a call.

And I asked … is that it?

The owner responded… Yes, I don’t want to bug them.

I was caught off guard by the response the new gym owner gave me. Because being in sales it is vital to have sales sequencing in place when receiving opt-in leads that expresses interest in your gym/studio.  The longer you wait the less likely a lead will convert to a new member.

This response by the new owners is a pretty common answer I have heard over the years of helping gyms get set up to open their doors for the first time. It is crucial to have systems setup when receiving new leads.

The lead follow up sequence can be the difference between your gym growing and and your gym closing.

High Performing Scorecard Checklist – 

  1. Follow Systems- Respond as soon as possible to a new lead is one of the most important things you can do as a gym owner.
  1. Touch Points- The number of times you reach out to the lead can determine if your gym will experience a good conversion rate.
  1. Reach Out- What is the average response from the leads? You will have a much better response rate if you implement the three action items in the High Performing Scorecard.
  1. Response Rate- It is important to have systems in place to receive the leads and organize them as they come in.

 to see if you have a high performing gym with incoming leads — Do you have a High Performing Gym? 4 Benchmarks to help measure your gyms lead conversation performance. 

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