How To Build A Winning Team in Your Gym/Studio

Companies crumble with poor leadership. I was a part of a start up company that sold ice cream while putting myself through college. They would micro-manage each employee.

Are you hurting your team?  I was a part of a start up company that would micro-manage each employee.

Instead of setting up SOP’s (standard operating procedures) we were watched like a hawk.

This caused fear and frustration in the staff. One wrong move and we would hear about it from upper management. The turn over was high and dissatisfaction was off the charts with employees. Too many times we create an environment of fear and stress inside our gyms. Most of the time it is not on purpose but more because of a lack of trust and control.

As owners or managers you want to create a place where staff can use their skills and strengths to grow which in turn will benefit the company. But of course, you need to know what they are doing with your customers.

Winning Team Checklist:

Steps 1 – Centralized Communication System

  • Marathon in flip-flops- It is possible to run a marathon in flip-flops, but it is definitely not recommend. It is the same with communication inside a gym/studio. It is possible to use a personal phone or email to respond to clients, but it is not recommended if you are trying to scale and grow your gym/studio.
    You want a system that will track and allow you to:
  • Call clients
  • Email clients
  • Text clients
  • Direct message clients
  • I have witnessed gyms use multiple systems and pay upwards of $700-$800 just to be able to text and email clients (that doesn’t even include other systems like billing and booking). The problem is the systems do not integrate with each other or they are old and clunky.

Step 2 – Leadership Starts At The Top

  • Leadership starts at the top- The team is only as great as its leadership.
  • Pour into yourself- Make sure you are investing into yourself.  Always try to be learning more about your team and create an environment that allows your team grow into their skills. Put your team into a position that they can succeed.

Step 3 – “Where” and “Why”

  • Remind your staff what the goal is in your gym/studio. Have a monthly meeting that looks at the gym/studios goals.

Step 4 – Command Center

  • Tired of using multiple clunky software systems with no gym growth? How many tabs do you have open at the top of your screen?
  • Cut down on the cost of having multiple systems and get an all-in-one system that includes: marketing automation, email communication, SMS texting, billing, POS, Lead Follow-up, outbound calling, and class scheduling. This can help you streamline your business so you can focus on your members and clients.

Download the guide to building a winning team below. ⬇️👇 —The Ultimate Team Framework 

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