Referrals = Easy Money- 3 tips to generate more revenue

Referrals = Easy $$ – 3 Easy ways to generate passive income with current clients 

Referrals are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to reintegrate money. You will only need to create an environment that people want to be a part of and bring their family and friends. How are you staff interacting with your clients?

Motivate them and incentivise them—
First, you need to cultivate your community so that clients want to refer friends and family to your gym/studio. Check out ONE OF A KIND COMMUNITY if you need help building a incredible community inside your gym/studio.

Second, track of your referrals—
You will need to make sure you have a system that can track your clients referrals. Once your clients hit a milestone for referrals make sure to celebrate them in the gym as well on social media. Make the post sharable so that the client can repost it on their social media.


Third, create excitement and reward referrals.
Create a reward system for in-person referrals and a program for online referrals.

— Online referrals- Create a system that will let your clients refer their friends and family through a link or sms. Then have your system track each client’s referral. Reward and incentivize your clients for referrals that they have signed up through the links and sms they send out.

— In-person referrals are more likely to convert to members. This means you will want to incentivize more rewards from your clients who bring people into your gym/studio. Make sure you have a system set up to track and record the referrals info.

Need help creating a community that your clients would like to refer their friends and family too…check out our easy 4 step guide to help you cultivate your gym/studio: ONE OF A KIND COMMUNITY

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