Keep Your Team Accountable Without Micromanaging

Keep your team accountable without micromanaging

How software can help you manage your team’s activity without asking how and what they are doing. 

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed with keeping up with your staff and clients? Trying to find the balance between not micromanaging your team and not letting clients slip through the cracks is a delicate dance. 

It can be especially challenging when you have staff and clients coming and going at different hours, making it difficult to check in.

Most owners and managers inadvertently adopt the process of calling/texting staff to check in on members or calling/texting members to check in. If this sounds familiar, you may recognize that this process is inefficient, time consuming and incredibly cumbersome. 

What if I told you there was an easier way? A way in which you could see all of the communication to clients in one spot. I’m talking about emails, phone calls, text messages, DM’s, billing and more, all in one click. 

Amazing, right!? Just think of all of that time you would get back!

This is one of the many things that makes the Fit Pro Tracker so unique. Let’s look at a few of these incredible features:

Ability to Call, Text, Email, and DM all from Fit Pro Tracker
Communicate directly from the Fit Pro Tracker system. You can call, text, email and DM directly from the system.One of the primary benefits in having communication all in one spot is that you can see all of the communication that has taken place for each client, directly from their profile. Every communication sent through the system is documented in the All Activity Feed. This makes it easy to view. In addition, staff members no longer need to use their personal cell phones for calls and texts. All of the communication is directed through your assigned facility phone number. 


Assign Staff Members to clients
Give staff members accountability. Just like we expect members to be accountable to coaches, we can keep the coaches and staff accountable to caring for clients. With the ability to assign staff members you are ensuring that clients are being nurtured and cared for. In addition, this helps foster a relationship between the staff and client and gives the client a particular point of contact. It also helps them easily keep track of who they are assigned to. Just because all of the communication is coming from Fit Pro Tracker, it doesn’t mean it still can’t feel personal to the individual. Staff members are able to personalize their communication by adding their very own signature and you can easily check in to see if staff members are staying accountable to their assignments.


Follow Ups
Ditch the sticky notes! Creating follow ups for staff members is a great way to make sure the ball doesn’t get dropped. Stop texting your staff when they are off the clock to check in. Create a follow up task and assign the staff member to the task. Next time they log into their Fit Pro Tracker profile they will receive a notification of the Follow Up task you have assigned to them.


Campaigns are a great way to automate communication but still make it feel personal to your clients. Creating campaigns is a great way to make sure your members or leads are receiving touchpoints from you. You can create the campaigns specific to your message. Campaigns consist of any combination of text messages,  emails and follow up tasks. From there it’s as simple as adding leads and clients to the campaign. By assigning the staff member to the client the assigned staff will be notified of any responses to the campaign. 

Now you have a glimpse of how you can take the guesswork out of the communication process AND you don’t have to feel the need to micromanage. The best part is you are still able to maintain checks and balances all through the Fit Pro Tracker system.

Now, the only question is what are you going to do with all of that extra time once you make the switch to Fit Pro Tracker?

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