Lost Gym Owners – Creating a Baseline For Metrics and KPI’s

When training athletes I would have some that wanted instant results. But let’s be real, that doesn’t happen just one time. It takes weeks and months of being dedicated to training. After one month we would test the athletes and then after 3 months we would test again. The problem is if one of my trainers forgot to test the athletes and the parent wants to see the child’s growth, we had no data to back that they were indeed improving their speed and agility. It was vital that we kept good records of the athletes’ improvements to validate the growth and success to the parents and the athlete. 

The same is with your marketing/sales metrics and KPI’s in your gym/studio. It is very hard to  measure growth  if your are not tracking your KPI’s and statistics inside your gym. 

Essentially the gym is flying blind and with no clear direction.

Basic Metrics to Track each week-
-New Leads
-New Trials
-Conversions (Sales)

It takes discipline and repetition to track each week. With practice and accountability you will be able to track the health of your gym. 


If you need help with or want to learn more about:
– SMS, calling, emailing
– Automatic marketing campaigns
– One billing/CRM fitness software

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