Skyrocket Leads To Members

Checklist to make sure you don’t lose track of your leads

I have been on hundreds of onboarding calls with gyms/studios. It always amazes me how some gym/studios keep their doors open with the lack of organizations that are inside the facilities.  Most gyms will have incredible culture or amazing marketing skills but the top facilities have both. 

Below is a quick checklist to skyrocket leads to memberships:

  1. Track your Lead Flow On A Dashboard – 

It is important that a gym/studio knows where every lead is coming from.  Track your leads and the conversion rate for each lead source. This data will help you see the performance of each lead source and where to put more time and money.


2. Managing Lead Flow- Stop Wasting Time

Where does your lead go once they opt-in from a website, form, clickfunnel, facebook ad, marketing company. Most gyms/studios will send them to a spreadsheet and then manually interest them in a system to create a profile and follow up with. 


This manual process is a waste of time and money. You could either set up an integration or have the leads follow directly into a CRM system. I have seen gyms/studios lose leads durning manual transfer. 


3. Automatic Campaigns Are Key – Let the system work for you. 

Create custom campaigns that target specific leads. Going back to step number 1 it is important to know where your lead is coming from so that you can build a campaign that will target each lead with communication touch points.


4. Reach Out ASAP

Set up your campaign to reach out as soon as possible and multiple times the first day. The time that eclipse between the lead coming in and your first touch point will dictate if your systems and process or if you are wasting money. 


5. Types of Communication- 

Know your clients and your demographics. How do they communicate and document what is working and what is not working when reaching out.  The strongest forms of communication is face to face.  See the non-verbal communication and voice infections. 


Strongest forms of communication 

  1. Face to face communication
  2. Call
  3. SMS
  4. Email 

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