Strongest Muscle In Sales

3 Tips while communicating to leads and prospects that will boost conversions.  

Your tongue is one of the most powerful muscles in the human body. The tongue can light up or tear down a person. When voting for an elected position you are not voting for the strongest or tallest, you are voting for how they communicate and present their ideas. The tongue has inspired nations and also created devastating wars. It truly is the most powerful muscle in the human body.

When talking with a potential lead, whether they are on a call or sitting in your facility, the words that you use are vital. 

How are you communicating to your audience and are they able to be inspired and motivated to sign up with your gym/studio?

3 Step Checklist to boost conversions through communication.

 1. Goals & Repeat:
It is important for the lead to tell you their goals and then you repeat the goals back to them. You want them to say their goals and then hear you repeat the same goals. 

2. Inspire and motivate through words:
It is important to use words that motivate and inspire your leads and prospects to action using words. Have passion for your product and inspire them to hit their own goals.

3. Ask Questions:
Asking questions controls the conversation. Lead the prospect through questions. It is important for them to hear their pain points but also recognize that your facility is the solution to their goals. 


At the end of the day you will need to practice these steps to see a boost in sales. We recommend role paying with your staff or managers to help equip them with the right tools to overcome objections when talking with leads and prospects.


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