How To Incentivize Your Staff 

Happy staff member leads a healthy gym/studio environment. Below we talk about incentivizing your staff and how this can lead to happier staff members.

People love to receive gifts and this is one of the reasons why we give gifts out to our clients for referrals and milestones. But the staff sometimes get disregarded in your gym/studio.

Below is a way to encourage your staff to refer friends and family to your gym/studio.
1. Create a landing page for each staff member.
2.Have the contact form connected to the landing page that registers under each staff member.
3. Reward each staff member based on the amount of referrals generated on each land page.

Pro Tip:
Have the form sent the contact info automatically go into a campaign with sms, email, calling follow actions. 

If you have more questions please see the Referral Management help video/page and Micro-Managing Staff

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